Services Intro



Office specifications:

All natural lighting, floor to ceiling glass curtain walls.
Soundproof walls with double-layer soundproof material.
Room size may be chosen by the customer.


Office furniture specifications:

Custom-built high-end free standing office tables and filing cabinets of varying sizes, and comfortable high-backed chairs.


Multi-functional conference room facilities:

Conference rooms that can hold 60 to 80 people.
The latest 86-inch touch screen meets modern multifunctional needs, such as college teaching facilities and loudspeaker system.
Cross-border video conferencing system.
This centre’s conference room is now available for rent to members, customers, and other parties at “discounted prices”.


Business café & bar leisure area

HBN Lounge

The café leisure area with an open view provides hot coffee, hot tea, and many other beverages, such as various specialty crafted beers.
A bookshelf provides diverse publications and books for reading.

Security system:

Our wide-angle closed-circuit TV, 24-hour video security system is equipped with a smart card and passcode security system, so customers may freely access the centre 24 hours a day.